Understanding data is key to modern research. Visualization works both as a tool for gained insight and to communicate your science.



With years of simulation experience, our team is ready to aid your works in solving the problems of the future.


High performance computing

Increase the productivity by making use of our expertise in high performance computing and algorithm optimizations.

Ovilab is a team of computational scienctists

We have experience in physics, nanotechnology, neuroscience, mathematics and scientific visualization.

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Educational games

Through educational games we seek to inspire and motivate players to learn more about science. Chain, Nanoparticles and Snabbit are examples of such games that have been developed by people in our team in collaboration with others.


Featured project: Atomify

Atomify LAMMPS

Gain intuitive visual understanding of how atoms behave in liquids, solids and gases. With Atomify, your phone/tablet is transformed into a physics simulator allowing you to study realistic 3-dimensional interactions between argon atoms. Watch how crystals form, melt and transform

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How we work

After you contact us, we set up an informal meeting, phone call or e-mail correspondence to discuss your vision and your requirements. Afterwards, we find the right people in our team for your requests and set a price for the project. If you are satisfied with the project plan, we begin the development. During development, we keep you updated on a regular basis to ensure that everything is going according to plan