Neuronify is an educational neural network app

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If you are running Ubuntu, you can open Software Center and search for "Neuronify" or download via uAppexplorer on any Linux distribution:

Download Neuronify Snap

You can also install via terminal:

sudo snap install neuronify

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Low entry point to simulation-based neuroscience

Neuronify makes it possible to work on neural simulations without prior computational experience.

Based on an integrate-and-fire model

One of the simplest models of neurons. It focuses on the spike timing and ignores the details about the action potential dynamics.

Interactive circuit components

Use the camera as a visual sensor and your touch screen to interact with the neural circuit.

Build intuition

Experiment with neural phenomena to increase your understanding.

Open Source

Neuronify is GPL licensed, which allows you to modify and extend it!

Explore how changes in a single connection affects entire networks.

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